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We believe in the wild. In the remote and the exciting. We believe in being reverently irreverent — in tastes, opportunities and expectations. All to make the best. That’s why we chose to begin with gin. Because the wild botanicals from our northern highlands are deeply delicious, yet no one before brought them to gin. Until Sông Cái. We work to distill the wild, and offer a taste to you.


We trust in those who achieve a simple elegance in what they craft. All the many pieces that are brought together to make something magnificent. We strive for the same in Sông Cái gin. Bringing together the flavors and seasons of far away mountains and valleys, and the knowledge of the people there for centuries.

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Jungle pepper, black cardamom, green turmeric, heirloom pomelo, local cinnamon leaf and bark, indigenous woods, white liquorice root and the sun dried pod of an ancient kin to citrus — these are some of the botanicals we forage at their perfect times and nurture to bring out their richest flavors. We celebrate the changes to our gins year-to-year as sunshine shifts with clouds and rain, as monsoons change their patterns, and as the warmth and cold of days vary. We always discover new depths of flavor to craft our gins in exciting ways.


Our botanicals grow in a land of steep mountains and remote valleys. We partner with farming families here, for whom foraging remains and has always been a way of life, their knowledge passed carefully one generation to the next. Our partners have taught us how to find what’s hidden, and how to live in harmony with this land. Together, we have built Sông Cái on the four pillars of environmental ethics, economic transparency, skills development and cultural preservation. The craft of Sông Cái grows from these.

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